what team are you on?


WE=EF^3. We are a youth leadership pilot group based at the Crissy Field Center in San Francisco's Presidio National Park, this 2010 summer.

The program emphasizes female leadership and empowerment through urban gardening and food.

There are a grand total of two wonderful female participants and the coordinators can range from 1-4 people, depending on the day. It's a cozy tight-knit group.

So let's break down WE=EF^3, our name. WE=EF^3=EFFF=Empowered Females for Food. As part of this program, we are all about getting empowered, about making an impact through the food that we eat.

But we also constructed our name so that it still sounds like the plain letter "F."

Take a moment to think of the words that start with F. Not the bad ones, but the utterly fantastic ones.


We designed our name to emulate Albert Einstein's E=MC^2 (because girls are good at science too). But it was also intended to stimulate your imagination. We hope for others to take a second and think of all the amazing F words, to realize that F words aren't all bad, that there's another awesomer side to them. Just as there's another, strong, empowering side to the food we eat and the females of the world.